Irish Hermit Cookies

Total Preparation Time – About 45 MinutesTime Spent Waiting – About 15 MinutesCook Time – About 15 Minutes per Batch I realize it’s been a while since I have posted any baked goods. Between work and being locked down, there hasn’t been a lot of motivation for posting. Honestly, not being able to do aContinue reading “Irish Hermit Cookies”

Smoked Turkey

Thawing Time – 72 – 96 HoursTotal Preparation Time – About 24 – 48 HoursTotal Time Spent Waiting: About 24 – 48 HoursCooking Time – About 3 – 4 Hours (Depending on Turkey Size) For the last few years, I have smoked a turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner. Before this year, I have never really brinedContinue reading “Smoked Turkey”