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Anyone can cook, but sometimes it’s not always apparent what needs to be done in a recipe. We are hoping to demystify cooking and help work through recipes and provide insights into techniques

Recently from the kitchen…

Chocolate Orange Macaroon

This is an interesting little cookie. It’s like a macaroon, but doesn’t follow the typical recipe. Can probably be adapted to a Almond Joy or Pina Colada cookie.

Chocolate Walnut Cookie

This is a very easy cookie to make. It’s a Chocolate Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie, which has a good flavor and nice cakey texture.

Chocolate Pizzelle

This is an impressive looking cookie that is pretty easy to make. The challenge is that you need a Pizzelle Iron to be able to make them.

Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great…

Chef Auguste GustEau

This quote is so true. A lot of people don’t even try. We have all had things come out great, and we have all had things that were unfit to feed the dog. It’s only through failure that you can become better.

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Kappy is a nickname, in case you are wondering. I’m an amateur cook, mostly baking and grilling. I frequently cook with friends and family. With all of the cooking projects from the last year, I figured it was time to share some knowledge and maybe some recipes.

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