Smoked Turkey

Thawing Time – 72 – 96 HoursTotal Preparation Time – About 24 – 48 HoursTotal Time Spent Waiting: About 24 – 48 HoursCooking Time – About 3 – 4 Hours (Depending on Turkey Size) For the last few years, I have smoked a turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner. Before this year, I have never really brinedContinue reading “Smoked Turkey”

Yeast Doughnuts

Total Preparation Time – About 3 HoursTime Spent Waiting – About 2 HoursCooking Time – About 3 Minutes Per Batch I have always wanted to take a crack at making Yeast Doughnuts. I don’t know of many people who aren’t fond of a good Doughnut. Doughnuts come in many different shapes and sizes. You haveContinue reading “Yeast Doughnuts”

Witch’s Fingers

Total Preparation Time – About 2 HoursTime Spent Waiting – About 1 HourCooking Time – 8 Minutes Per Batch I was talking with Lady Di about a fun Halloween Food that can be pretty impressive, if done correctly. Back in October 2000, I remember seeing Martha Stewart making Witch’s Fingers and thought that those wouldContinue reading “Witch’s Fingers”